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As a qualified Advanced Personal Trainer, with over 10 years experience in training my clients, I have gained a great deal of knowledge.
I like to have a little variety in my workouts, whether it's Cycling on my Road bike for 60km, then 40km on my Mountain Bike on another day. I also try to do Weights workouts, in between the days that I do my run or bike ride.
Some people train everyday of their lifes, but I recommend 3 good workouts a week, and just focus on not eating junk food, and this will help keep a perfect balance in life.
If you're going to remember one mantra for your training, make it this one:
Consistency is key. Nothing beats consistency when it comes to long-term success. So how do you maintain consistency in your training? Where it seems like everything is working against you and your training. "Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going."

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